WEI provides innovative and relevant educational programs and services that lead to the successful completion of vocational certification and basic skills proficiency. The school values and cultivates personal and professional success through a psycho-social approach to learning and works to ensure programming is accessible and affordable to students and the communities we serve. Our main objective is to meet the many layers of needs of our demographically diverse student population, while embracing equity and accountability through statistically measurable student learning outcomes, ethical data-driven decisions, student achievement and overall student self-sufficiency.


1.Strive for teaching and learning excellence for our specific student population 

2.Learning, fairness, diversity, and continuous improvement through student centric adult learning practices  

3.Strive for a collaborative, institutional culture that fosters student development and the community 

4.Demonstrate and teach professional integrity 

5.Provide and maintain a transparent, accessible, and balanced governance structure.



  • Student-centered and outcome-based  adult learning designed for success.



  • A culture of respect and diversity to all learners, cultures and communities.



  • Provide relevant accredited adult education that leads to gainful employment and self-sufficiency.



  • Be prepared to be flexible when needed, focused on the “real” needs for students and adjust to those needs as needed .



  • Cultivate strong relationships with partners and stakeholders to develop programming with a shared responsibility and teamwork approach for the betterment of all students and the communities we serve.



  • Ensure inclusiveness with all ethnic, socioeconomic, educational, abilities, and cultural backgrounds to meet the needs of the students and the community through our board of directors and partnerships.



  • Provide programming and student services that reflect consideration and value to all populations as a means to gainful employment and self-sufficiency.


  • Develop and foster student-centered adult learning opportunities, develop positive attitudes among students through sound processes, decisions, policies and culture.

  • Ensure student success rates through the development and adoption of educational best practices and program designs.

  • Increase access to as many students and locations as possible thereby increasing the levels of success and to meet the changing students' needs of the communities we serve.

  • Recruit, develop and provide leadership that is focused on the changing needs of the  workforce and meet those changing needs through program development and training practices.

  • Recruit, develop and foster the diversity of  board, faculty, staff, administration, and curriculum to endure inclusiveness of all learners.

  • Invest in the professional and leadership development of all staff.

  • Develop measurable best practices as a means to adapt to the needs of students and ensure student learning success.

  • Encourage and support creativity, flexibility, and innovation.

  • Engage and invest in entrepreneurial activities to increase and diversify revenue streams through student success and self-sufficiency.

  • Maximize the appropriate and strategic utilization of technology.

  • Achieve long-term financial stability and increase reliability through multiple levels and funding streams.

  • Strengthen and increase strategic alliances and partnerships in local and outside communities.



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Email: Support@WesternEducationInstitute.co.uk

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