WEI is dedicated to the success of our students. We offer multiple resources to our students to support their academic careers. Our Dean of Administration & Student Support Services is here to assist.



WEI is committed to providing equal access to students with disabilities under the guidelines of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American Disabilities Act.  Students with disabilities who wish to request reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access to classes, programs or services must register with the WEI, at Support@WesternEducationInstitute.com . Supports for students include reasonable and effective accommodations, academic adjustments and/ or auxiliary aids as determined by a case by case basis.

If you have an identified disability that may affect your performance in this class and you choose to request reasonable accommodations, please request an appointment with the WEI staff., so that provisions can be made to assure you have an equal opportunity to meet all of the requirements of this course.

Click below to review the Western Education Institute ADA policy and forms. 

Please return forms with the accompanying documentation to:

Dean of Administration and Student Services

Western Education Institute

44100 Fred Waring Avenue, Suite 216M

Palm Desert, CA 92260


ADA Policy

ADA Accomodations Request Form

ADA Accomodations Request Appeal Form

Student Code of Conduct

Student Honor Code


Financial Responsibility Agreement

Student Online Responsibilities


Student Job Placement Services Provided By:

Cannabis Job Descriptions

Cannabis Compensation Guide

Phone: +442038137770 

Mailing Address: 111 Buckingham Palace Rd., Westminster, London, SW1W, OSR, UK

Email: Support@WesternEducationInstitute.co.uk

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